All-Natural, DIY Goo-Be-Gone that WORKS!!

goo gone DIY

Recently, I tried out a recipe I’d come across for an all-natural, make-it-yourself alternative to Goo-Be-Gone or Goof-Off type of products. I actually tried making it because it was so easy. I had both ingredients right in my kitchen. It worked SO WELL that I immediately grabbed one of the many baby food jars I’ve saved, used my potion on it right then and there, and filled it with this wondrous concoction.

Want to make some of your own??

Here’s how:

Mix coconut oil and baking soda into a paste-like consistency. That’s it!


  • To use, slather generously over the residue you need to remove and work on it with a srcubbing pad supplemented with hot water as needed. Residue comes off easily, and the product smells very pleasant.
  • Bonus: it makes your hands soft and coconut-y. =)
  • You can buy coconut oil at Costco or Trader Joe’s or any natural foods store, if not even at your local supermarket. There are many, many other great uses for coconut oil, spanning from cooking to personal care, etc.

goo gone from coconut oil and baking soda

goo gone

goo gone make your own

I use my natural Goo-Be-Gone mostly to clean the sticky residue off of the glass jars I save for storing leftovers like soup or whey from yogurt-making. I’m so excited to have something inexpensive, accessible, and not slathered with a million cautions about poison and flammability. Hope you enjoy yours!

UPDATE: 1/22/13 Go hereĀ to learn an extra little trick.



  1. Awesome! I’m definitely going to try this.