Welcome Ezekiel: A Birth Story in Pictures

birth photo labor

birth photos labor

birth photo

birth photo newborn baby

birth photo newborn baby

newborn photo with daddy

birth photos mother and father with newborn

birth photos family with newborn

birth photos newborn with grandmother

birth photos newborn with mother

newborn photo

newborn photos with big sister

newborn photos mother with siblings

newborn photos with older brother

newborn photos sleeping

newborn photos sleeping on mother

newborn photos sleeping on mother


  1. Great moment captured! Beautiful pics, whoever took them. Wish I could’ve been there to take some. But glad it worked out wonderfully.

  2. precious pictures! so impressed that you got these!

  3. so precious, shif!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I had my 3rd baby back in October! Congrats to you guys. My fave picture is the second to last one. He’s soo precious!