Coconut Oil Goo-Be-Gone, an Extra Trick

Apparently many of you out there have found the All-Natural, DIY Goo-Be-Gone to be a pretty useful post – yay!

I wanted to share an extra little tip that makes using it even more effective.

Spread the coconut oil and baking soda paste onto the sticky residue you want to remove and let it sit for a while before you scrub it off. It seems like the oil penetrates the goo and makes it particularly easy to remove.

So, my method:

  • Fill the sink with hot water and soak jars.
  • Remove from water and spread with the paste.
  • Let sit for a while and then scrub off.

This whole process is easily incorporated into that little sliver of time when the dishes are clean and you’re cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

Happy Coconut Oil Goo-Be-Gone-ing! =)