Cleaning Your Home: Gleaming Granite

A shining granite counter top really makes me feel like the kitchen is clean. I’d get so frustrated when, even though I wiped the granite countertops with a microfiber cloth and granite cleaner, I’d see streaks left behind (total first world problem, I know).

granite countertop with streaks

The problem is especially visible on our black granite countertops. (Did you know that this variety of granite is called Uba Tuba? How random and funny is that?)

Anyway, guess what! I discovered the simple, simple answer: Spray the granite cleaner on the microfiber cloth, and not too much of it either. Then wipe the counters and wipe again with a dry part of the cloth. And look! Yippee!!

clean granite counter top

Bonus: You use up a lot less granite cleaner. 😉