Cleaning Your Home: 5 Keys to Getting the Most Out of Vacuuming

how to vacuum

If you’re going to clean, make it count! I wrote for an allergy relief products company for many years. During that time, I learned a lot about how to clean for allergy relief — which you could also think of as simply cleaning really well.

Here are five essential components of an effective vacuuming routine:

1) Vacuum frequently. Dirt that’s left in carpet fibers gets packed down over time and gets more and more difficult to remove. Vacuum carpeting at least three times a week

2) Vacuum slooooolwy. The longer your vacuum runs over the carpet, the more it has time to pull dirt, dust mites, etc. out of your carpet — and out of your living and breathing zone.

vacuum cleaner on the carpet

3) Vacuum in different directions. Moving over carpet pile forwards, backwards, sideways, diagonally — it all gives your vacuum a chance to pull up detritus. If you love “vacuum lines” left in your carpet (you know who you are!), just make those last. 😉

4) Vacuum over the same area multiple times. This goes along with the previous two points. A thorough vacuuming entails passing over each area of carpet about seven times. Obviously, this is a bit time consuming; try to vacuum like this at least once a week, with a three-passes vacuum the other days.

how to vacuum

5) Vacuum with good equipment.

My buying philosophy tends to be “you get what you pay for” (although I always try to pay as little as possible for a particular item, of course). I bought our Dysonfrom the allergy company and, honestly, vacuuming with it is a joy. HEPA filters are important: They ensure that even the finest particles (like dust mite allergen and pet dander) stay inside your vacuum rather than just spitting back out into the air and onto the floor.

Implement these tips and enjoy getting the most cleaning bang for your buck every time you vacuum.


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  1. Ok, I got it but do also tell me how I should clean vacuum machine after using it! Are there any online cleaning supplies specific to vacuum cleaning?