Salt Painting

completed salt painting

With summer in full swing, having easy, not-too-messy kids crafts in mind (with materials on-hand) is, for me, essential. Salt painting was one activity I’d been ruminating and it was as fun and engaging as I’d hoped. I particularly appreciate art activities that involve the children in multiple hands-on steps that they can do themselves. Throw in color, texture, and the fact that theĀ only way to preserve this art project is through taking pictures (no storage dilemma!) and this activity was a total winner.

Salt Painting: What You Need

what you need for salt painting

  • rimmed baking sheet
  • fine table salt
  • glue
  • paper (thick black paper works best, I think; cut it into smaller pieces to save paper if your kids like to make multiples of projects)
  • food coloring
  • paint brushes
  • bowls
  • water

kids salt painting, applying glue and salt

Salt Painting Instructions

how to make salt paintings

  1. Prep by adding liquid food color to water in bowls. Keep color pretty concentrated for best results. Try to use a separate brush for each color to keep colors bright.
  2. Draw “paintings” with glue on paper. Thicker lines are better.
  3. Sprinkle with salt. Doing this over a rimmed baking sheet contains the mess.
  4. Shake excess salt off of the glue.
  5. Touch wet paint brush to the wet salted glue and watch the color spread.
  6. Repeat with more colors. Experiment with colors mixing where they run into each other


adding color to salt painting

salt painting-6-2

salt painting-8

Once these punchy, colorful salt paintings dry to a certain point, they start to sort of disintegrate; they aren’t keep-able. Take pictures and enjoy the easy and complete cleanup. I loved this project.

Aren’t you excited to try it?