Lego Birthday for Danny Boy

We celebrated Danny’s birthday (a couple months ago) with a lego birthday cake that featured two of his favorite things: legos… and something special hidden inside.

cake decorated with legos

I decorated with primary yellow, red, green, and blue to echo the colors of the legos and M&Ms. I’ve always wanted to make one of these garlands and it was so easy and I loved them!

Just use a paper cutter in the shape you desire and then get your sewing machine humming. Feed the paper shapes through, leaving some “empty” thread running in between the paper pieces. I found it easier to do several strands of garland, rather than one longer strand, which can get very tangled, very quickly.

The paper globes were also super quick and easy. You just cut strips, punch holes in the ends and secure with brads. Pull the strips apart and around and somehow you get these balls. I still cannot quite wrap my mind around how that works, but they sure are fun!

birthday decorations -- circle garland and paper globes

I used paper scraps left over from punching the circles under the plates, and they conveniently looked lego-y, yay!

lego birthday cake-5

lego birthday cake-6

For the cake, I used a box mix, cut two round cakes in half  for a total of four layers, and layered cake, raspberry jelly, cake, frosting, cake, frosting, cake. I used cream cheese frosting, which I smoothed out a bit by pressing gently with paper towels after the frosting had “crusted” a bit in the fridge.

When the cake was sufficiently chilled, I gently pressed the lego pieces into the cake and added a little tractor toy and a lego man.

lego birthday cake

The surprise of the cake (often called a pinata cake) was the avalanche of mini M&Ms that poured out when we cut into the cake! To make the hole in the center for the M&Ms (or whatever you’d want to put in there, you just cut a hole out of the three bottom cake layers before you stack them and then fill up the hole with the treats before you top with the final cake layer and frost. A lot less complicated than it seems.

pinata cake filled with m and m's

slice of pinata cake

lego birthday party birthday boyOhhh, look at his still-baby cherub cheeks and perky little nose… 

boy looking at pinata birthday cake

Three, as I suspected, is the perfect age for wonderment at such a spectacle. :)

lego birthday cake with familyAnd that made Mommy happy.


  1. Oh my gosh I loooove this cake! I’m finally getting caught up on my blog reading;) yay summer break!