Household Budgeting, Part 1: What Budgeting Isn’t and Is

budgetingI have pretty strong thoughts about both the importance of budgeting and about the best way to do it. As with so many things, I think dealing with money in general is a matter best dealt with by staring it straight in the face and grabbing it by the horns. I don’t want to be controlled; I want to be in control!


Hahah, seriously, though, I want the freedom that comes with knowing that our finances are in order. It’s a wonderful, liberating, empowering feeling.

Following are some of the specific strong thoughts I have on the subject, starting with what budgeting is not and what budgeting is:

What Budgeting Is Notdefinition of budget

  • Budgeting is not looking at an automatically generated report from an app that categorizes your expenses for you and tells you where you’ve overspent and where you haven’t (yet).
  • Budgeting is not (merely) meticulously recording every single expense and knowing at the end of the month or year or whatever how much you’ve spent in various categories.
  • Budgeting is not impossible.
  • Budgeting does not have to be time-consuming.
  • Budgeting is not only for those who have a predictable income.
  • Budgeting is not penny pinching that deprives you of all “frivolous” or fun expenditures.

what is a budget

What Budgeting Is

  • Budgeting is telling your money what to do.
  • Budgeting is planning what you will do with the money you have right now.
  • Budgeting is do-able!!
  • Budgeting is something every money-spending member of the family should be involved in.
  • Budgeting is gaining control.
  • Budgeting is a responsible and guilt-free way to spend money on things you want.

I have lots more to say on the subject, and I’ll also share specifics on how I personally budget. In the meantime, shoot me some of your own thoughts, difficulties, questions on the subject. Let’s crack open the dialogue! See you soon!