Memory Keeping Monday: Two Weeks of Digital Project Life

Project Life 2014: Week 21

I feel like it’s been working well for these digital project life spreads to use one main color (in this case the goldenrod color), and then sometimes an accent color (here, the light green) and/or an “interest” card (in this case the flowered card). I used Elora’s swimsuit as the jumping-off point in the main color selection and took it from there. The large heart on the right side is from a Photoshop brush I made myself (as are most of the scripted portions, like the week titles, and the “love is gentle” on this layout). They are super easy to make and I plan to write up a tutorial about how to make your own brushes in Photoshop. It’s a really nice way to get some of your own writing in there even though most of the journaling is typed.

digital project lifedigital project life

digital project life

Project Life 2013, Week 39

Here again, I have two main colors, the complementary red and green, with a little dash of yellow. Still practicing to include the key pictures that tell the story rather than all of them. I figure when we look through pictures on SmugMug app on the TV we’ll have something different than the Project Life albums because we’ll get to enjoy all the outtakes. =) digital project life digital project life digital project lifeProducts used:

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