Why Project Life is Such a Rewarding Hobby

I do best when I have a creative outlet. Dear understands this and has always been nothing but totally supportive of each of my creative “kicks,” many of which have formed the fodder for what “Mommy’s doing” and have found their way to this blog. My creative outlet isn’t always a crafty venture; many times it takes the form of home-making, cooking, cake-making, blogging (haha!). But if I’m not producing some kind of “art,” after a while my fingers start twitching. Hence, the embroidery, the sewing, the Project Life.

digital project life photo delivery

As you may know, I’ve been doing digital Project Life for the past year and a half, which has been ideal for me for many reasons. (Although, I have an update about that, which I’ll be posting soon.) I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a week’s layout, but oh boy, when I get a thick package of printed 12x12s in the mail it is thrilling.
digital project life photo delivery

(Look at how full of care Persnickety Prints is with their packaging and shipment. Best place to order 12×12 layouts. And if you do it right — pre-ordering large amounts when they are on sale —  the cheapest too.  Highly recommend.)

digital project life layouts printed

So in addition to the sense of accomplishment of keeping up with weekly layouts (if that’s your thing), you get another happy jolt when you see an accumulation of all your hard work, done incrementally in manageable chunks of time made possible through a streamlined Project Life process, but enjoyed cumulatively as you pore over your gorgeous stack of memories preserved.

digital project life

But this joy isn’t just mine and it’s not once and for all. One of the most rewarding aspects of Project Life as a hobby is that it’s enjoyed over and over again and it’s enjoyed by multiple people: my husband, whose gentle appreciation for my documenting of our family’s story is very touching; my children, whose confidence is visibly bolstered by seeing themselves in “Mommy’s album”; and my family who lives far away, notably my mother, who catches up with the daily life she’s missed by soaking in every picture, journaling card, and video when she visits.

digital project life in an album

I kind of like to not look over my albums too often. When I look through them, I like it to be with fresh, re-discovering, remembering eyes. They are bittersweet (the time does go so fast), but they do make time stand still just for a bit, and that’s a comfort to this mother’s heart.

digital project life in album


digital project life in albumCake gets eaten, handmade clothes get outgrown, homemade laundry detergent is not particularly beautiful, but these albums — they get more meaningful, more treasured, and enjoyed by increasing numbers of people. That’s pretty hard to beat.

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  1. Hi Shifrah, I write from Paris, France, and I really love Seemommydoing : are you planning to continue it ? Anyway, I just read your post “Forget About Work-Life Balance” on Apartment Therapy : great post ! Thank you so much for saying that. I am myself a young mommy (or “maman”) and to be present, to be here now, is even more important for me since my six-moth-old Victor is born !
    Thank you again for your wonderful posts on AP !