Indoor Activity for Kids: Tissue Paper Stained Glass

pile of tissue paper squaresThere are many things I can’t do, among them are making a decent hummus, navigating any way anywhere, and opening our attic door.

High on the list is using saran wrap. We use Press ‘n Seal around here. Pretty boring fact. But this beautiful stained glass project made with tissue paper and Press ‘n Seal isn’t! The kids loved it. It’s low-mess, low-stress, and without the to-keep-or-not-to-keep quandary to boot! (Check out salt painting for another.) Stick it in arsenal of indoor activities for kids.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass How-To:

  1. Cut several layers of tissue paper of several colors into squares.
  2. Put them in a bowl or other container for the kids.
  3. Tear off a piece of Press ‘n Seal.
  4. Tape it to a window on all four corners with the sticky little bumps facing you.
  5. Let the kids have at it. You probably will too. It’s fun. =)
  6. They can take off the squares and make another tissue paper stained glass window.

boy sticking tissue paper on window
girl putting tissue paper squares on window

boy putting tissue paper squares on window

tissue paper stained glass on windows

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Keeping Kids Busy: Pipe Cleaners, Colander, and Beads

Since Elora-Belle started preschool, some mornings have been challenging with Little D. This morning I may have even told TatEE that someone was “driving me nuts-o.”

keeping kids busy with a colander and pipe cleanersPoor kid just gets a little lost without his older sister playmate, and when I stymie bored snacking, he has been known to bump around the house aimlessly, even when I make numerous suggestions for things we can do together.

This morning, desperate like I was the day of the mini carwash, a boredom buster I’d seen on Pinterest or elsewhere on the web came to mind. So I grabbed a package of pipe cleaners and a colander and told Little D I had a special treat for him. indoor kid activities pipe cleaners and colander

Well, it turned out to be a treat for Mommy too because this activity kept Little D occupied — like totally absorbed occupied with concentration tongue and everything — well up until it was time to pick up Elora.

indoor kid activitiesTaking the pipe cleaners out of the colander to start over was just as fun as poking the ends through the holes. He yand them out with a flourish… indoor activities for kids taking pipe cleaners out of colander

… and went at it again.

indoor activities for kids colander and pipe cleaners Happy boy, and happy Mommy.

indoor activities for kids
Little D was excited to show Elora his new activity when she got home. She quickly came up with her own interpretation, telling me this was “like sewing.” (She’s been into the cardboard cards that you “sew” cording through lately.)
indoor kids activities pipe cleaners and colander
keeping kids busy colander and pipe cleaners

 pipe cleaners and colanderThen Elora-Belle came up with another activity. She asked if she could use her beads to make bracelets with the pipe cleaners.indoor kids activities pipe cleaners and beads

pipe cleanerssmall plastic beads

pipe cleaners and beads

pipe cleaners and beads

indoor activities for kids beadsTo my surprise, Little D was able to do this too, in his own way — but he was occupied constructively, and that’s huge.

pipe cleaners and beads

Few things make a mother happy the way her children playing nicely together does. Or is it just mine who fight? 😉
pipe cleaners and beads
This activity was a great one. And it’s minimally messy (unless the beads spill; but you know, sometimes it’s worth it.) I expect we’ll get a lot more mileage out of it…
pipe cleaner crafts bracelet
… in addition to these gorgeous creations. Hooray!!!

pipe cleaners bracelets