Mommy Goes to School

I’ve been a bit quiet around here, but it’s for good reason: I went back to school this fall!!

schoolwork set up with laptop and samsung tablet

I’m working toward a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology, and I just started the prerequisites, via a second Bachelor’s — and it’s all distance learning. This semester I’m taking Language, Speech, and Hearing Development and Anatomy of the Speech Mechanism. And I’m loving it.

I’m often asked how I do it all. And the answer is: I don’t.

For instance, I have my cleaning checklist. I try to get to my three cleaning chores a day, but if I don’t accomplish one — or any, as is often the case — I (gasp!) check it off my list anyway. This keeps me from feeling behind or that things are piling up or that I’m neglecting my family’s home because I am in school and why am I doing this anyway and… See, I need to just halt that train of thought, and I do that by putting my sometimes-undone chores out of my mind, knowing they’ll pop up on my planner next week. how do I do it all? I don't

I have a babysitter come two mornings a week to watch the boys while Elora is at VPK. This gives me some solid chunks of schoolwork time, which I augment with schoolwork during the kids’ naptime, after they are down at night, and a few hours most weekends. Compartmentalizing my time this way really helps keep me from feeling torn when I’m doing schoolwork (although I still often do) and feeling stressed about schoolwork when I’m with the kids. I’m doing my best to be where I am, to be present and focused. I’d rather be wholly one place at any time than partially a few places all the time. So far, this is working well. And when I feel sad not to be with the kids, I remind myself that my focused bursts of schoolwork give me quality time with them that’s undistracted by something else.

When something comes up with the family or other activities, I give those things room to come first. For instance, when I needed and wanted to prepare for Danny boy’s birthday the same weekend I hosted a baby shower, I knew that I’d get a bit behind in my studies. But I consciously decided that that was okay and that I wanted to prioritize life over school. So I let it go. No problem.
I'd rather be wholly one place

Dear is a tremendous help. He works from home, which gives me extra peace of mind while the babysitter is there with the kids. He helps with the children a lot and is always, always supportive practically and emotionally. woman outside by car

Some other activities are gathering a bit of dust (like this blog, lately), but I figure that when I’m on break I’m going to feel like I have gobs of time and I’ll enjoy sewing, catching up on Project Life, and composing some blog posts.

I’m really excited to share some things  with you about this new chapter in our lives. I want to tell you about my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and how it’s not only the best school tool but the best Mommy tool ever (way better than an iPad ;)), and I want to share with you some of the things I’m learning about language development. It is absolutely fascinating and such helpful knowledge as we raise young children.

See you soon!

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