Mommy Sews: End of Summer Sewing Projects

Before my sewing machine had the honor of being borrowed by the mother of this bride to put some finishing touches on this lovely summer wedding dress (congrats L&J!!) …

wedding picutre

I started some sewing projects that have been brewing in my imagination for a while.

First up, what Elora-Belle and I call the “watermelon dress.”

sewing for girls pattern
 The plan:

sewing for girls pattern

 The bodice:

sewing for girls bodice

And the maiden voyage of my double needle! These are just some practice stitches:

double needle stitches in knit fabric

I’ve had the twin needle for a while, and I’ve been using my walking foot (two sewing accessories that making sewing with knits, especially tissue paper thin knits like these!) so much easier and prettier.

But I couldn’t use my twin needles because I wasn’t able to figure out a way to set up my second spool of thread. The bobbin winder was too wide and a bobbin wouldn’t fit around the regular thread holder, etc. etc.

This solution for using the double needle without the second spool holder from a favorite blog, Make It and Love It, saved the day!! Really, it came up in my Google Reader the very same day I started this project. Thanks, Ashley!

I taped a knitting needle to the back of my machine and went from there. (If you’re completely lost, I’ll get to explaining the knitty gritty of these terms and techniques in the future.)

Admittedly the setup looks a little ghetto, but it worked perfectly. I’m so happy.

sewing for girls dress

See why we call it the “watermelon dress?”

sewing for girls dress neckline
While my sewing machine is still away from home, I took the opportunity to cut the components for another end of summer sewing project. Here’s a sneak peak of the lemonade seersucker fabric getting prepped:

Isn’t it great in all its gauzy, nubby, stripey yellowness?

What’s it gonna be??